Failed Perseid Meteor Shoot

Thursday was estimated to be the most spectacular night for watching the Perseid meteor shower this year.

My brother-in-law wanted to make use of his new intervalometer gadget to create time lapse movie this weekend. There was no camp site reservation in the Joshua Tree NP to be had on last minute whim, so I suggested we drive Friday night to the desert, just shoot between 2 am and sunrise.

I slept between 8 and 11 p.m., and he drank a lot of coffee to help with the 3 hour drive to our photo spot. What I didn’t count on was freeway closure due to construction. So we didn’t set up until 3 a.m. Well, 2 hours of shooting is better than no shoot.

I lend him my Canon 20mm lens to do the time lapse, and used a 28 mm equivalent lens for my first meteor shoot experiment.


ISO 3200, f/4, 18 sec

75º field of view with no foreground is not as appealing as other published images of the meteor, and I was too cautious against over-exposure. I am just happy to have captured one by luck. I used cable release to manually snap images, whereas he lets his intervalometer do the work while he catches some Zzzz in the car.  Of course, we saw one spectacular streak that lasted about 7 seconds in my estimation when we were setting up his intervalometer…

I think I am happier with this image captured just before we headed back home to catch up on lost sleep:


ISO 3200, f/2, 1/15 sec, Velvia simulation SOOC

Fuji X100s + WCL-X100



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