Kodak Pro Image 100 film

It was a busy photo day this Saturday. After returning from failed meteor shoot, I received an email from Dropbox that my local photo store has delivered the scans for the latest roll of color negatives they developed for me. Big smiles surfaced on my tired face, even though I have no idea how the photos turned out. You don’t get that kind of anticipation from shooting digital.

This roll of film is Kodak ProImage 100, expired 11/2014. I bought it from a camera “swap meet” vendor that specialized on film. I have never seen this film before, and it seems to be imported from Mexico.


It is relative inexpensive at about $5 per roll, and I am pretty happy with the results exposed at box speed.

Here is one I took inside the Los Angeles Public Library.


This available light portrait was taken with a white reflector to fill in shadow.


This outdoor landscape was taken on a rather grey late afternoon.


This portrait of rose was taken on a sunny morning before direct light got to the flowers.


Other 20 keepers on this roll were of models for whom I do not have release. So they shall remain in my archives.

The files were imported into Aperture and then spit out for 1080 pixel height with no adjustment.

Question: Does your local film developer price 2 sizes of scans for 35mm films? My shop claims the standard scan is “6MB” for which I only get JPEGs of 1188X1791 and 1791X1188 in resolution. That’s only 2 MB pixels! Where is the other 4 MB? I have to pay $6 more for “18MB” scan… Is it time to try out another developer?






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