Camping September 2016

Earlier this month I extended my Labor Day weekend into 10 day national parks tour with my mother. Mom put up with sleeping in tent, and I put up with not being able to go on proper hike on my own. Fair trade?

This is our tent: My tent in the Mammoth Campground at Yellowstone NP

I think tent camping is the way to go to experience national parks. It folds into small package and gets you as close to nature as possible without being exposed to elements. I don’t yet understand why some people haul huge trailers full of stuff, kitchen, and satellite TV, thus isolating themselves from nature they have driven hours, if not days to see. Maybe I will join their rank when I could no longer crawl into a tent?

Did I mention that I got over 40 mpg by driving a sedan on this trip? Bet you don’t get that kind of mileage with campers and trailers.

Below are some snapshot of my neighbors’ camping gears that are much smaller than the monstrous trailers I mentioned before – I can see myself in one of these in the future. Hopefully a distant future.





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