I found the milky way in my photo

This is a snap I took right outside my tent near Moab, Utah.

Moab is the town serving visitors that are not lucky enough to get a camp site inside the Arches National Park. There is a decent selection of eateries in town. The gas prices in town were reasonable. Unless you are short of time, do not top off your gas tank at 10 miles north of Moab. The prices at this Chevron station was 35% higher!


When I captured this image, the light for the sign has not yet been turned on for the night. Therefore, I did not have to juggle graduated filter or resort to HDR procedures in post-processing. I tweaked curves a little bit to enhance contrast in the sky. I did not realize there was enough ambient light in the campground and passing vehicles to light up the Chevron sign and leaves on the adjacent tree.


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