Bryce in monochrome

I developed 3 rolls of black and white film yesterday in a community darkroom. One of the rolls is a bargain 120 film I bought off eBay. I exposed it at box speed of ISO 100 and developed it according to published chart – D-76 1:1 dilution for 10.5 minutes.

Since I don’t have a scanner that can handle medium format negative, I had to work quickly to print some of the frames to see what I have. I made 6 prints from this roll.

2 of the frames I printed were exposed in Bryce Canyon earlier this month.


The image above was exposed handheld on September 2 at about 17:50, f/8, 1/250. This Nikkor 40mm f/4 lens has unusual filter ring size of about 90mm. So I couldn’t mount a contrast filter. The print was made with a 3 1/2 filter.


If I remember correctly, this image was made close to noon on a mostly cloudy day with a 135mm lens.


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