Greek Holiday Stop 4

I took a detour from Rick Steve’s guidebook and decided to head north from Olympia because I really wanted to see Meteora ( and I did want to go back to Athens just to go to a new destination. I remember the Lonely Planet guidebook recommended Ioannina (Ιωάννινα on the northwest corner of Greece as a stop near Meteora. After confirming there is a morning bus from Pyrgos the next morning, while waiting for my transfer to Olympia, I decided that is where I would go on the way to Meteora.

I made reservation for the cheapest lodging I could find. There is surprising few options for the size of this city of this size and I did not want to wonder off too far from the bus station for next morning’s ride to Meteora. So I settled on an older hotel between the bus station and the old town.


There is a community park next door and parking that I do not need for this trip. The receptionist, Athena, tells me that this place should be more fun with a car, because you need one to visit a nearby national park. Some visitor come in the winter to see snow covered forest.

The castle lives up to its name of having confusing streets inside. Outside of the castle facing the wall are many restaurants catered toward tourists.

I came on a day with nice afternoon clouds over Lake Pamvotis. IMG_4132

The Fethiye Mosque inside the castle now serves as a museum.



Apparently, huge belt buckles was all the rage at one time.

Just outside the castle along the lake is a community park. I found this statute under a tree in the morning mesmerizing.

Here is one last look at the lake before I depart for my next destination.


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