Greek Holiday Stop 7

The 10:30 bus from Delphi got me to Athens at about 15:00. The information desk at Terminal B was not helpful with my question on where to go to take the bus into downtown Athens. I found a major street outside of the bus terminal complex, but which direction is for going into downtown Athens?  I eventually found someone to tell me to go for the buses across the street.

There was no place to buy a bus ticket, but neither did the driver checked onboard the bus. I got off along with many other riders at the Attiki station and bought a ticket at the metro station. About 30 minutes later I got to the port Piraeus. I remember learning from one of Rick’s podcast that you can buy ferry tickets from any travel agent in Greece at the same published rate. So I did not get in line at the first ticket booth I saw inside the subway station. I walked past souvenir sellers, turned the corner to see the port and found the 3rd travel agent office had no line. That was where I bought a ticket for the 17:30 departure to the Naxos (Νάξος) island.

Oh, I haven’t booked a place to stay on the island and I did not have international roaming on my T-Mobile plan. No problem. Bought a coffee from a bakery that has wifi sign and I was back in business. IMG_3535

Late afternoon ferry is perfect for sunbathing while waiting for departure, IMG_3545

and for watching sunset on the way. IMG_3617

It was 22:40 by the time I got to the island. Restaurants and ice cream shops next to the harbor was still lively with patrons. I walked straight past them for my lodging. I had stored several screen captures of the direction and map to the pension I booked, but I just could not find the place. There was a young woman outside one of the more expensive hotels with good outdoor lighting in otherwise dark alleys. She gave me direction in perfectly good English, but I still couldn’t find the place. I turned back to look for her once more. This time she was already in her car about to drive home. She picked me up and drove me to the place she believed to be the pension. It was several blocks from where the direction on indicated. There was no sign for the pension. She called her husband first to confirm the location and then she phoned the pension’s owner to confirm I had a place to stay. Wow. How lucky was I to have been spared from sleeping on the street or nearby beach. img_3572

The pension is just 5 minutes walk from a very nice sandy beach, the St. George Beach. The water was very clean and the beach slopes very gradually into the Aegean sea. I had to walk 80 paces for the water to cover my chest!
G1X02269 Another 5 minute walk along the coast line you will find beach with pebbles instead of fine sand and even some rocky stuff if you keep going. G1X02261

I spent the rest of the day exploring the town and buy some grocery to take advantage of the electric stove and a small refrigerator in the studio.
IMG_3589 IMG_3848

View of the harbor.
G1X02272 Church in the old town castle area. G1X02274

I took this photo next to the museum for a Venetian house in the old town. It also sells tickets to cultural events in the old town area. There was a classical pianist performing on the night after I leave the island.
IMG_3608 IMG_3624

G1X02292 Locals take their morning swim next to the harbor. G1X02316


I rented a bicycle from this nice guy to venture out little farther from the harbor area. He advised me to not break local law and come back next time with an international drivers license to rent even a small scooter. IMG_3642 On the way to see the kuros, I saw this sign to sell another unfinished house. IMG_3651


Agia Anna (Αγία Αννα) is located about 15 minutes bicycle ride south of the harbor area. The beach just south of this monument is clothing optional. img_3699

Shark beached.
IMG_3698 Organic farming on the island. I saw the gardener leave this pile of unwanted plants the previous day.  IMG_3714

Naxos (Νάξος) is a really lovely island. I have seen only a small portion even after an afternoon of uphill bicycle ride to the kuros. You can rent a car and drive into the mountain region on the eastern part of the island for some hiking and cave hunting.


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