Greek Holiday Stop 8

Rick Steves recommended 2 more cities on the Peloponnese not to be missed even for traveling by bus. So back to the mainland I went. I took the morning ferry back to Piraeus, green line subway to Omonia square, and then bus 51 to Terminal A. The bus to Monemvassia (Μονεμβασία) took 5 hours, about the same as the ferry ride. It was a lot more comfortable though. I didn’t have to get up and walk out to the open deck to avoid second-hand smoke from time to time.

Yes, my only complaint on this trip is that the prices for cigarettes are too low in Greece and locals do not respect law against smoking inside restaurant and other public building.

Back to the main program. To read more about Monemvassia, aka the Rock, on local tourism page, or on Wikipedia.

The Rock is due east from my hotel in Geyfra, which is the town adjacent to Monemvassia. The bus stop is next door to the hotel. I captured this image of sunrise just steps away from the hotel.

Local fisher man doing maintenance on his boat.

Tree within a tree in lower town of Monemvassia.
IMG_3762 Tree thrives in the center of town square without a lot of mass in the trunk. G1X02368

View of both upper and lower town of Monemvassia. Most of the old houses in the lower town have been restored to house tourists. They are working on the upper town, slowly.

Restored church presents its Venetian influence over the main entrance. G1X02426

Water is clean.

A look back at Geyfra from a trail into the mountains west of the town. G1X02433

Need to be ready for early sunset on the Rock because mountain range due west from the rock.


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