Greek Holiday Stop 9

Nafplio (Ναύπλιο) is a vacation town for wealthy Athenians. The old town is filled with expensive restaurants, jewelry stores, and gelato vendors.

This stylish bicycle was the first thing that caught my eyes as I headed toward my hotel from the bus station. IMG_3858 Just about all taxi in Nafplio are burgundy colored Mercedes. IMG_4043

It must be tough to sit through midday in the taxi line waiting hours for a customer next to the bus station. Hopefully this driver has already made his annual target by the end of summer tourist season?

The Palamidi is a fortress composed of 8 bastions on a 216 meter high hill above Nafplio. Locals say there are 999 steps to climb. I counted 889 stairs from the sign pointing you to the fortress to the first gate. There are 20 stairs on the ramp to the sign, and many more stairs and slopes to climb once you have paid for admission and are inside the gate. So 999 is a good number to remember. The walk is actually not as arduous as the number may imply. Because the view along the way is so spectacular, you have to try really hard to count that high.

View of the Palamidi from the old town.img_3860

View of the new town section of the city on the way to Palamidi. G1X02540

View of the old town and closest beach just south of the old town. G1X02539 Views inside the Palamidi. G1X02496

IMG_3873 G1X02505

G1X02511 G1X02515




If you take a 30 minute walk along the southern coast line from the municipal beach, you will find a larger beach southeast of Nafplio. It looks like the water should be calmer here. There is a lot more beach access not captured to the left of this frame below, but I did not see shower facility here.

Along the way, you will see many locals jog on the path. With the right afternoon light, you may see a naturally formed image of a warrior’s head on the cliff. IMG_3992

With any light you will see many plants along the path, including some native cacti.img_3990

I found the smell from this tree along the path unpleasant. img_3982

Morning is all quite along the harbor.

Save for a few cats looking for free food. IMG_4013

In the afternoon locals come out to town squares to watch kids play.

All the gelato vendors in the old town district advertise the same price. This one on the western edge of the old town across from a church is recommended by Rick Steves. You will find many Italian goods in the store besides gelato. img_4035

There is no bakery in the old town section. Take a 5 minute walk toward the new town on the Sidiras Merarchias street. Go about a block past the bank and you will see one on your right hand side (south) near a corner.

<!– The bus ride from Monemvassia was about 4.5 hours with an hour and half wait at the Tripoli station for transfer. IMG_3850//


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