Greek Holiday concludes

Since my flight out of Athens was at 06:00, it would not make sense for me to get a hostel bed in Athens and set an alarm for 02:30, when party people are just about to go to sleep. So I designed my last day in Nafplio to end with the 20:00 bus to Athens. I would go directly to the airport and just sort out my vacation photos or do whatever it takes to keeps awake until I board the flight at 05:20.

The bus transfer to the airport went without a hitch. I was there by 23:30. There were already a lot of like-minded people lounging over all available multi-seat cushions. Some were already snoring before the coffee shop closed for the night. I was able to get a seat next to a power outlet, and then I noticed this charging station nearby:

The US Department of Transportation had just banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device aboard all US bound flights effective a few hours ago. Hmmm, I guess European authorities did not want to appear to follow US lead blindly without having their own staff conduct their own study.

I am quite impressed by the generosity of Greek people to make it easy for travelers to visit their country, and their resourcefulness and cooperation to make do with what they have at hand. Most roads outside of Athens are no wider than 3 cars width across. Yet they allow people to park on both sides of narrow roads and do not get into standstill.


It was a good decision to go the first two weeks of October. The temperature was between 20 and 15 degrees Celsius south of Ιωάννινα. I needed a thin long sleeves shirt only a few times in the early morning. I had my picking for inexpensive lodging, and I had no problem getting ferry and bus tickets last minute. This is the kind of leisurely travel for me!

For my next trip to Greece, especially if I had more than one travel partner, I will consider getting a rental car as soon as we land to see sights on the mainland other than Athens. Return the rental car before ferry to Greek islands and then visiting Athens only for the last 2 days of our stay in Greece.


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