Museums Day 2016-11-19

The Annenberg Space for Photography has an exhibit titled “Identity” – portraits by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders of people that have overcome adversity. There is a free audio guide of the exhibit, featuring voice recordings of some of the people in the photograph. A 20 minute film of some of the people telling stories of their climb to success was quite good. I did not know Gloria Allred worked as a school teacher in a “bad neighborhood” of Los Angeles before she became lawyer. Justice Sonia Sotomayor told her story about growing up in “the project” – she went back to have her wedding dress made by a friend there.

Second stop was the Broad They are showing a collection on the first floor titled “Creature”.

I think the picture of “Nurse K02” on the Broad website missed an important element of the current exhibit – lighting.

The one with no shadow on the left is the official photo. In my snapshot to the right, you see the shadow of a devil behind the sculpture. That shadow makes this exhibit more interesting to me. What do you think? Go see it and other exhibits for yourself.


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