Film development 1 result


I am pretty happy with the results of my first film development at home. The negative retained good density. Three of 36 exposures where under exposed. They all happened to be ones where the point and shoot camera’s tiny flash was not able to compensate for lack of lighting in the room, or did I have a wayward finger covering the flash?

It is ironic that my first film development at home was for the last roll of Tri-X I bulk-loaded from a reel that expired back in 1996.



You may have heard of this day as for the “Dragon Boat Festival”. That is exciting to watch and participate, but it is a lazy interpretation for one of the 4 main holidays on Chinese lunar/farmer’s calendar.

Tradition says that we race dragon boats and throw 粽子 “Chinese tamale” into rivers to commemorate a great patriot and poet that lived in the “warring states” period of Chinese history – 屈原 qu yuan 340~278 BC. He had great ideas and plans for his duke to guard against a neighbor who was to become the first emperor of China. However, his patriotism was in the way of other opportunists schemes to riches. So he was booted out of the court even though he had demonstrated great promise. While in despair over not given the chance to help his duke and countrymen to defend against enemy state’s attack, he threw himself into the river with a rock. Supposedly this is why people started racing boats and threw rice stuff in bamboo sticks into the river to protect his body against hungry fishes.

So instead of commercialization of the dragon boat races and the “Chinese tamale” that we cannot eat enough of, we should be thinking about how to discern those who are doing patriotic deeds versus those says they are patriotic but have ulterior motives.


Film development kit 1

I have developed B&W negatives in school and community art center labs several times before. This is my first attempt at home.

My first home darkroom supplies. Used bottle water that have been around more than a year to dilute chemicals.

Equipment list
500ml measuring cup X2
1 Qt “Delta Datatainer” chemical storage bottle (for 1:4 fixer working solution)
Clayton F60 film developer
film development tank
film development reels
sports bottle cap X2 (need just one as substitute to missing film development tank top cap)
Trader Joe’s Organic Yogurt tank (substitute for commercial water bath and photo-flo bath)

not in picture:
Ilford Rapid Fixer 1L
Kodak Photo-Flo 200 473ml bottle
250ml measuring cup X1 (Should be replaced by 50 ml in the future.)
closet at night
film development tank top
labeling tape