June bride

IMG_7008 I guess it is popular in the southern hemisphere as well to be a June bride. G1X06149


Blackstar Pastry

This one came highly recommended by friends and news articles. It did not disappoint.


Just look at the ingenuity and tastiness of this strawberry melon cake. It is their most popular item for good reasons.


This place is tucked away in a little alley away from the main drag of the Newtown area. Don’t be distracted by street vendors on the walkway and miss the turn into this paradise.



Campos coffee

The guidebook I borrowed from the library recommends the Campos Coffee store as one of the must-see sights in the Newtown area of Sydney. So I marked its spot on Google map and paid a visit.


Coffee is very good and as you can see my cappaccino is filled to the brim. Nice touch with cane sugar, and I don’t remember what’s in the other jar…


Be prepared to wait in line to order and seating is not guaranteed.


What’s up with all Asian crew sporting Australian accent?

1 + 1 = ?


I had my first taste of Vegemite years ago from an exchange student in school dormitory. It was too salty for my taste. Since I am taking holiday in Australia, where Vegemite is like peanut butter to Americans, I thought I better give it another try.
I ordered it in a breakfast sandwich with avocado and the combination of these two surprised me.