2017 Holiday Print 2

Print20171202B (1)
There is no time pressure to send this photo long distance, and I used RC, instead of fiber, paper to make this print. So I was able to figure out a way to mount this with picture frame and included mounting board from the Michael’s Store.
I think the image looks better in person than this scanned file. I wonder if its because I knew the effort involved, or is it because I am trying to make excuses for looking to purchase a new scanner? The scanner I have is Canon CanoScan LiDE 500F, purchased on October 20, 2005.


My alternative to Nik software

I purchased Luminar 2018 software recently as a token of appreciation for free educational podcasts produced by folks at PhotoPodcasts.com The purchase decision is also caused by my computer’s disagreement with the Nik software application SilverEfex Pro 2 – I get randomly generated border blocks around the frame. The same source image files does not elicit comparable effects on my brother’s beefier and newer machines. So it looks like┬áthe disagreement is over the adequacy of my 2011 MacBook Air with only 2 GB of memory. When I upgrade to a new computer, hopefully not soon, I will re-evaluate Nik software, or its successor under new ownership. For now, I get to learn a new software package. Here is one created with the orange contrast filter effect.

2017 holiday print

Print20171202C (1)

This image was captured on a budget black and white negative by Ultrafine. I had set aside the negative in my refrigerator for almost exactly 6 months before I developed the film. Being rusty from lack of practice and still chose to use a steel development reel in the community dark room, I almost wiped out this image by allowing uneven development because of a kink in film reel…I was very fortunate that damage to this frame was far enough away from the subject to be able to make this print.

Note to self: Shoot and develop more often.

Station 6 enlarger, f/5.6 +3 contrast filter, 17″ + 20″ burn, Pearl RC paper.



I wish to share an exciting news for fellow photo enthusiasts – there is a new 35mm film camera due to come out next year.

“Reflex is the first update on a manual 35mm SLR camera system in over 25 years.”


I back this kickstarter campaign, not because I need a new camera. I have too many already. I am doing this to support the community. It helps that the design is ingenious – I will be able to swap film back without getting into a Hasselblad system, or carrying a second camera body.